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Team Yoo Taekwondo is a boutique martial arts studio offering character-based children’s programs to enrich their lives today and beyond. Our mission is to help our students discover the best version of themselves on & off the mat. The valuable experiences and lessons learned in our small classes allow our students to be better prepared for whatever comes their way now and in the future. We are dedicated to providing a healthy environment to foster the positive mental and physical growth of our young students through authentic taekwondo training.

Our student-to-teacher ratio is less than 4:1, allowing our experienced staff to truly know each student to personalize his/her experience. This intimate setting provides our students an unparalleled level of attention from our instructors to focus on their emotional, social, & physical development. Our classes are more than just a recreational & social activity – they are a powerful experience for both the mind & body! We want to assist parents in reinforcing rules and acceptable behavior through our structured curriculum in a fun, engaging, and editing class atmosphere. While our focus is in developing strong foundational taekwondo skills in our students, we aspire to instill positive characteristics in them during these early formative years, ultimately, to be responsible and honorable citizens in the future.