PEE-WEES | Age 3

Our Pee-Wees program is designed to engage our youngest students in developing their emotional, social, and physical development. We guarantee a student-teacher ratio of 4:1 on average, ensuring minimal distraction and maximum engagement. This allows for an environment that encourages good learning habits and an intimacy that fosters better focus & listening skills, healthy social interaction, and the progression of essential physical & motor skills development.

Monday: 4:30pm
Tuesday: 3:30pm
Thursday: 3:45pm
Saturday: 9:15am


TIGERS | Ages 4 & 5

Our Tigers program is an extension of our Pee-Wee program and focuses further to improve children’s self-control, ability to process & listen to directions, and following rules. We begin to introduce concepts like respect, courtesy, and positive thinking. We want our students to be prepared for Pre-K & Kindergarten classes, equipping them with the tools necessary to maximize their experience in the classroom.

Monday: 3:45pm
Tuesday: 4:00pm
Thursday: 4:15pm
Saturday: 10:00am & 10:45am


JUNIORS | Ages 6-9

Our Juniors program focuses on developing skills that provide our students the ability to achieve academic, artistic & athletic excellence and to become confident leaders & exemplary citizens in our community. Our curriculum prepares them to attain success but, more importantly, how to navigate through obstacles and understanding that failure is an integral component in achieving ultimate success. Advanced motor and strength development skills are introduced, preparing them for additional activities in and out of school. We want our students to understand that their effort level, work ethic, and overall grit is truly what matters in the end.

Tuesday: 4:55pm
Wednesday: 4:15pm
Saturday: 10:00am & 10:45am


Performance PROGRAMs | teens & adults

Our performance programs will bring the best out of you whether you are just beginning your journey to a healthier lifestyle or an elite athlete looking to improve a specific facet of your game. Our 1-on-1 and small group training sessions are catered to exercising your mind and transforming your body…..stronger, leaner, faster!! We focus on creating real results with no shortcuts, a sustainable progression to longevity in health and athletic excellence.